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Bootcamp Mac

"Bootcamp Mac allows you to install Windows 7 on Mac. Now you can download applications for Windows 7 in your iMac, Bootcamp Mac download in few minuts"


Download Bootcamp Mac to install Windows 7 on Mac

Bootcamp Mac software for your Mac with which you can install Windows 7 on Mac easily. And you can install the Android emulator bluestacks 2 to download WhatsApp to PC on your computer.  Bootcamp Mac creates a partition on your Mac without the need to reformat your computer, it is completely transparent to the system and if you want to dispose of disk capacity for your Mac OS system, Bootcamp Mac allows you to subsequently delete the Windows 7 partition and recover the disk space for your iMac.

Bootcamp Mac is software that allocates all resources on the computer to the installation of Windows 7 for Mac. Bootcamp differs from Parallels because the latter does not create a real partition and disk, but by way of virtual machine allows the installation of Windows on your Mac system.

Bootcamp Mac utility Install drivers for Windows 7 on your Mac


Bootcamp Mac install drivers from your Mac to Windows and install Bootcamp utility so that you can restart from Windows 7 and your computer boot in Mac OS.

If you have the installation discs that came with your Mac, will be able to install the drivers and the Bootcamp Mac utility after installation of Windows 7. This should select two disks from your Mac, the first installation disk of the system, remember that the second disc corresponds to the installation of applications that come installed from factory.

Install Windows 7 on Mac from Bootcamp Mac

Bootcamp Mac

Bootcamp Mac utility is the application with which we will install Windows 7 on our iMac by creating a dedicated partition for the operating system of Microsoft. To do this we will come to the applications folder from the bottom bar on Mac OS.

Within our applications folder find the folder utilities where we can see Bootcamp Mac utility. Clicking on the utility started the Bootcamp Assistant where are the first two options, the possibility of downloading the latest update of software compatible with Windows 7 for Mac and logically the option that tells us that we are going to start the installation of the operating system of Microsoft. The first tab is not essential and if we marked request us a DVD disc or a USB flash drive from where to install the updates.

Create disk partition to install Windows 7 with Bootcamp Mac

From this point onwards Bootcamp Mac launches the menu that allows you to select the size of the partition that will be used to install Windows 7 on Mac. In this screen we will see with just drag them with the mouse, you can change the size of the partition. Bootcamp Mac faithfully follows the style of applications Mac OS, with their main qualities, fast, easy and intuitive.

windows 7 on mac 

After this point requested us to insert the original Windows 7 disc, create the partition with the selected size and start the Setup Wizard from the Windows 7 disc. From here Bootcamp relinquishes control to Windows so that we guide you in your installation of the Microsoft System. An important point to keep in mind is that we have a usb mouse that Windows detects and allows us to take control of the team. Our iMac mouse does not work on Windows or during installation.

Bootcamp Mac relinquishes control to the installation of Windows 7

For those who have not installed Windows 7 must know that we must select the custom installation option, so that Windows will allow us to select the partition where you want to install Windows 7 on Mac. From the list of available partitions must select the partition marked as Bootcamp and unit options to format the partition, which takes place by clicking on format and process that will last only a few seconds. Then click install and Windows 7 launched the installation of the system.

Bootcamp software is probably more accurate to allow iMac users to install Windows 7. This ability to play is a point in favor of Apple, that manages to convince Mac users are missing the ability to install games and applications not available for your operating system iOS.

Install apps of chat as Viber Line or WhatsApp

One of the advantages of installing Bootcamp on Mac our iMac is that it allows us to download Viber for PC in our installation of Windows 7 and enjoy the best chat on our iMac app or other instant messaging applications as Line app. In the coming days will offer a tutorial to that you can download Viber for Mac or others app for PC with Bluestacks for Mac .

Many users already enjoy Windows 7 and WhatsApp for PC on your Mac thanks to this software, that allows them to enjoy multiple applications only available for the operating system of Microsoft. The ability to install applications only available for Windows is one of the options more valued by Mac users. There are more and more users who buy an iMac but they want to continue using Windows applications on their computers.